The Ama Oforiwa Bursary

The Ama Oforiwa Bursary was established by Mr. George Kumi Gyan, our second president, in commemoration of his predecessor, Madam Ama Oforiwa Boafo, who died during his time in office. The bursary is an award of a token sum of money to children of Kwakwaduam members who get admitted to college. It is intended as a congratulatory gesture by Kwakwaduam in recognition of their diligence in achieving that milestone. Besides, Kwakwaduam is a culture that prizes education and so the bursary is to us a rite of passage from school to college. The children are sent to college in the knowledge that they are part of a wider family that values and celebrates their achievements.

At present, the bursary is a one-time grant to the eligible students, paid upon admission to college. The next stage in the evolution of this programme is to make the award for each year that the eligible student remains in college and to expand the pool of candidates to other deserving children.

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