Maternal Care In Ghana

Kwakwaduam has always been charitable towards Akropong since its reconstitution in 1998. The push into medical philanthropy is the brainchild of Dr. Kwame Aniapam Boafo, a gynaecologist of repute in New York who served as Kwakwaduam president from 2007 to 2013. Prior to his presidency, he had been instrumental in getting the association to make donations of medical equipment and supplies to the clinics in Okra Kwadwo, Asenema and Mamfe as well as Akropong. Kwakwaduam's giving picked up steam during Dr. Boafo's presidency and consistent with his métier, midwifery services in Akuapem were the chief beneficiaries of the association's generosity.

Mr. Mark Saforo became president in 2013 and carried on the work of Dr. Boafo, formalizing our medical giving into a programme now known as Supporting Maternal Care in Ghana and expanding it to locations beyond Akuapem State with donations of fetal dopplers and birthing kits to medical institutions in Prampram, Asante Mampong, Akwamu, Aduamoa, Obo, Atibie, Drobo, Nsawam and Kordiabe. Akuapem continues to benefit from the programme and the Tetteh Quashie Memorial Hospital at Mampong was one of the recipients of the last such donation in 2019.

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