Welcome to Kwakwaduam, the most enduring communion of Akropong émigrés since her foundation. Our provenance is beautiful and joyful. In the words of Paul Erdman Isert, the first European to visit Akropong:
“Indeed the Aquapim lives almost as if in the first innocence of Paradise, with but few differences. Everything he plants he harvests more than a hundredfold. As a result, [he] works three or four weeks at the most throughout the entire year. He spends the rest of the time in purely enjoyable pursuits and in practising his customs.”
The tranquil fruitfulness that Isert observed way back in June of 1786 is the epitome of our heritage and integral to our cultural contribution to the societies in which we settle. We aim to bring the same beauty and joy to the lives of all who have or seek affinity with us especially those less fortunate than ourselves.
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Dr. Stephen Asiedu, President

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