Mama's Afro

The physical changes and fatigue that people experience while being treated for cancer can be a source of great confusion for their young children and there are scant resources available anywhere to prepare them for the stresses and strains involved. Inspired by her personal cancer journey from diagnosis through treatment to remission, our own N.M. Charles has written a book to help families guide their children through the vagaries of a parent's cancer. The book, "Mama's Afro Is A Solder Too: Mom's Cancer Diagnosis Explained", is divided into two. The first part explains the stages of cancer treatment in a beautifully illustrated, child-friendly manner. The second part of the book provides resources and tools to help children cope with the treatment of a loved one with cancer. The book is intended to be a useful resource to families of people undergoing treatment for all kinds of cancer.

There is a higher incidence of certain types of cancer in women of African extraction than in other people. For example, more of them are diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 45 than other women are. The collateral effects of this are therefore felt more disproportionately by their children - our children. Breast cancer awareness has been an annual fixture in Kwakwaduam's programme for nearly two decades. In furtherance of that stance, it is our mission to help distribute as many copies of Miss Charles's book as we can raise funds for, to families who are being tested by the trauma of cancer.

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